New Tappex Website – coming this week…

This week, we’ll be saying good-bye to our old friend…

The Tappex Thread Inserts website…

Tappex Website Snip

The Tappex website has always been very popular with specifiers and design engineers, wherever they may be in the world, looking for high quality information, in an easy to navigate website.

With this in mind, the new Tappex website has been created to fulfill these needs, whilst also adding some extra features, including…

Case studies –  To demonstrate our expertise in our specialist field of thread inserts.

Tappex Blog – To keep you posted on Tappex group news and development’s.

Improved search functionality – To help find products quicker and easier.


We hope you will love our fresh new look website and welcome any feedback or suggestions that you may have.

You can contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1789 206600 or by email to


Tappex Management Changes

Tappex are pleased to announce the following changes to the management structure, which reflect our commitment to growth and our international business strategy.


Mr Tom Ranta has now been promoted to Managing Director of Tappex – Skandinavia and Nordic Operations. Tom has worked for the Tappex company since 2015 and is well known in International supply chains, having worked in the industry for many years. Tom may be contacted on +358 10321 9800, or by email –


Mr Myles Castaldini has now been promoted to Engineering Manager of Tappex Thread Inserts Ltd and is responsible for applications and design engineering. Myles has been with the company for over 12+ years. Myles can be contacted on 01789 206 600 or by email –





Tappex Thread Inserts and The USA

For over 25 years, Tappex Thread Inserts have been supplying the highest quality, UK manufactured threaded inserts, directly to OEM’s in the aerospace,

automotive and medical equipment sectors, along with their associated supply chains, in the United states of America.

Tappex are a family owned company, founded in 1956 and the largest specialist manufacturer of threaded inserts in the UK.

Using our 60+ years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of threaded inserts, we have become long term supply partners with many companies in the USA.

We continue to support and enjoy strong international demand for our products from the USA and other global markets.

If you would like to benefit from our technical expertise and competitive export pricing, please get in touch using the following details…

Tel : +44 (0) 1789 206 600

Email :

Tappex Group of Companies & the SMMT

Thank you to all the current (and possibly new) customers that came to talk to us at the SMMT Regional forum in Bolton yesterday.

SMMT Regional 2017

We enjoyed discussing your new projects and look forward to working with you in the coming months.

As a family owned, British manufacturer, we’re always willing and able to help our customers by sharing the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the last 60+ years, in the manufacture of threaded inserts for plastic, light alloys and composite materials.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch…

By phone : +44 (0)1789 206600

or by email :



Reasons to talk to Tappex about your thread insert requirements, at the upcoming Interplas Exhibition (NEC Hall 4 on 26-28th September 2017)

Tappex at Interplas 2017

  • In-house design and testing facilities, along with a team of qualified applications and sales engineers, for internal and external technical support.

  • Highest quality raw materials – from a single European mill.

  • 35M+ threads inserts in stock, consisting of 23 individual product families and many specials – ready for next day delivery.

  • A company with 61+ years of experience in the design, manufacture and international supply of a specialised product range.

  • Adherence to automotive quality standards, with PPAP Approval and full traceability of product back to the Mill.

  • A company with a long established network of technical distributors, whom export 70% of its product worldwide.

  • Family owned and manufactured here in the UK (Stratford-upon-Avon – since 1956).

If you’d like to find out how Tappex can help your organisation to reach it’s goals and objectives, come and talk to us at the upcoming Interplas Exhibition on 26th-28th September 2017. You’ll find us on Stand J27, where our knowledgeable Sales Engineers will be on hand to discuss your unique situation, or upcoming projects.

We’ll also be offering demonstrations of our unique installation equipment, where you can get hands-on and try out the equipment for yourselves.

Of course, if your requirement is more urgent and you’d like to get in touch sooner, you can call our sales team on +44 (0) 1789 206600, or drop us an email to sales@

We look forward to hearing from you.


Team Tappex.


Tappex Self-Tapping Thread Inserts for Solid Core Laminate Materials.

Solid core laminate materials have become a main stay in the furniture Industry and their use can present manufacturers with significant difficulties, when it comes to fasteners and fixings.



Trisert self-tapping inserts are an excellent alternative to traditionally used press-in or expansion type brass thread inserts. Many of our customers who now use Trisert inserts, have in the past experienced product failures using expansion or push-in type inserts.  These failures are partly due to the inferior quality of the inserts (which are usually manufactured in a country of least cost) and partly due to the build of tolerances in the drilled hole, insert and fixing screw assembly. Failures that occur in the field can have both a negative effect on the manufacturers brand name and also prove very costly to rectify.


Tappex close-tolerance Self-tapping inserts are ideal for this thermoset plastic material and providing the hole size is drilled correctly and the insert is also installed correctly, we would expect to see pull out loads in the region of 550Kgf. A press-in type insert would generally offer performance of around 200-250Kgf.


The Trisert range of inserts are available in sizes from M2 to M10, in a range of materials including Brass, Stainless Steel (grades 303 & 316) and also case hardened and plated steel – depending on your environmental conditions and budget.

Tappex can provide full technical support with your project ranging from initial recommendation, to hole design data and once your prototype is built, we can perform pull-out or application torque tests, to establish the performance of the insert in your application.

The inserts can be quickly and easily installed using a Tappex hand tool, or if volumes justify, a Flexi-arm system can be utilised.

DSCN2729     Flexiarm_Yellow

For more information on the Trisert range of inserts – please click here

For further information on the Tappex range of hand tools – please click here

For further information on the Flexi-arm – please click here


If you’d like more information, or to discuss your application further, please give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1789 206 600, or send us an email to


Threaded Inserts for Additive Manufactured / 3d Printed Products or Prototypes


Tappex are often asked the question…

“Which thread insert should I use in my 3d printed prototype”


Before we answer this question, firstly perhaps we can consider…


Why use a Thread Insert?


With more and more manufacturers/OEM’s looking to utilise additive manufacturing processes/3d printing technologies, for both low to medium volume production and prototype parts, high quality fixings and threads are becoming a necessity in these plastic parts.


Holes in plastics can be drilled and tapped to produce a thread, however the thread will likely be weak and there will always be the risk of cross threading.

Thread forming screws can be used, however they generally only allow the screw to be installed and removed a couple of times before the hole in the parent material fails, which means the screw can no longer grip and provide the necessary clamping torque.

Threaded inserts installed into 3d printed products can offer a better simulation of exact application conditions, thus allowing the user to establish if the thread size is large enough to meet the specified performance requirements.


How to use a Thread Insert

There are a number of insert styles that can be used with 3D printed prototypes.

Tappex – Trisert Self-tapping Thread Insert.


The most commonly used is the Trisert range of self-tapping inserts. The Trisert range of brass thread inserts are an excellent general purpose insert that offers both, very good rotational and pull-out performance and doesn’t require costly installation equipment to install. The Trisert self-tapping inserts will tap their way into most engineering plastics (filled or un-filled thermosets and thermoplastics). We also manufacture a range of case hardened Steel and Stainless Steel Trisert’s, should your application have environmental considerations. For more information on the Stainless Steel Trisert 3’s please click here.

For very low volume applications, Trisert thread inserts can be installed using a nut and bolt. For further information on how to do this click here.

Tappex manufacture (in-house) a range of hand tools to suit the Trisert range of thread inserts. Generally available from stock, our hand tools offer an in-expensive installation option for low to medium volume applications. The hand tools will ensure correct, consistent and repeatable installation of the Trisert thread inserts.

For more information on our range of hand tools, please click here, alternatively we have a you-tube video of the tool in action here.

Tappex Flexi-arm Installation Machine.


Tappex flexi arm with pneumatic screwdriver

The Trisert is also a good choice of insert, if volumes are likely to increase. They are very competitive in price and for higher volume applications, we offer the Tappex Flexi-arm installation machine. For more details of the machine click here, alternatively you can see the machine in action, on our You-tube channel here.


Tappex Multisert Thread insert – for cold press/ultrasonic or heat installation into thermoplastics.


Multisert inserts are also a general purpose insert and can be cold pressed, heat installed or ultrasonically installed into a wide range of engineering thermoplastics.

One thing to consider when planning to use Multisert insert, is whether the 3D printed product can be held flat whilst the insert is pressed/installed into the parent material. Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that the moulding is held perpendicular to the insert, during installation.


Installation Tooling for Multisert Thread Inserts.

Heat Installer

Heat installation machine, exclusively from Tappex


Multisert thread inserts can be installed using a Fly press, Arbor press, Tappex heat inserter, or even in some cases a soldering iron can be utilised. For more information on the Tappex heat insertion machine, please click here. We also have a you tube video of the machine, in action, on our You tube page here

This is not something that we recommend, however, in some cases our customers have been known to drop an insert into an oversized hole in the parent material, with a drop of superglue.

Hole Dimensions

The Tappex website offers a guide to hole dimensions for each of the inserts that we offer. The hole size required in the material will vary depending upon the parent material. You will also need to take into consideration the tolerance for the 3d printing machine that you are using.

Whilst the website offers a good guide, we’d strongly recommend that you contact us directly to obtain a hole size drawing, specific to your chosen material.

hole design


What if I have any further questions or need assistance with my application?

As a UK manufacturer, trading since 1956, Tappex offer extensive technical support, from design stage, right thorough to series manufacture. In the first instance, small numbers of samples can be provided for prototyping purposes, and prior to manufacture we have in-house applications engineers that can perform pull-out, or application torque tests to confirm suitability of the thread inserts for your chosen application.


Where can I get high quality UK manufactured thread inserts from?

Tappex Thread Inserts are located on Masons Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9NT. Click here to find us on Google maps…

We can accept card or BACS payments from consumers, or trade customers alike.

Tappex ship products, directly to OEM’s across the globe, alternatively we have a long established global network of technical distributors, of which you can find further details on our website here .


Alternatively, if you have any further questions, or would like to discuss your requirements with us further, please give us a call on +44 (0) 1789 206 600 or drop us an email to